Saturday, March 11, 2017

How To Reduce Your Moving Stress

If you go looking for new ideas to make a relocation to or from Greenwich easier, it’s amazing how often the words “stress” and “relocation” appear in the same paragraph.  The simplest way to reduce your stress is to hire relocation professionals-- from professional organizers to movers.  That follows the old adage to let experts do their jobs and who better to help you move than those who do it day in and day out.  

Since one of my roles as a realtor is to help reduce moving-day drama, here are some tips that I regularly use with my Greenwich clients. The first one is something you can get started on long before any move is on the calendar:
1. Stockpile cartons, bubble wrap, padding paper—even those peanut-shaped plastic fillers. More and more, Greenwich residents are buying everyday items online, so the shipping cartons and packing materials inside are a lot easier to come by.  Staples in Old Greenwich, Westys in Stamford or Portchester, or any of the Greenwich moving companies will have supplies, if you prefer to pick them up in person.
2. As relocation day nears, be sure to have the other basic packing materials on hand: those disposable heavy-duty Scotch shipping tape rollers and a couple of magic markers. 
3. Within reason, try to sell or donate everything you can (they’re not called ‘moving sales’ for nothing). Especially if you are moving out of Connecticut using professional movers, the weight saved can make a meaningful difference on the expense side. If you are fond of shopping, there’s even the bonus of replacing shopworn items with new ones at the other end of the move.  Greenwich Hospital Thrift Shop is one of my favorite places to donate anything from mom's old fur coat to the waffle iron that never sees the light of day.
4. Think forward; pack backward. Imagine the ideal order for unpacking (label an “open 1st” box, “open 2nd” box, etc.), then line them up backward, so that the “1st” box will be first to be unloaded and easiest to spot.
5. In connection with that earlier “sell everything” tip, once ensconced in your new home, resist the urge to rush right out to complete every room’s decor. Experts agree that this is one of the most common reasons that relos wind up with expensive cost overruns. Relax for a few low-stress days as you unpack at a leisurely clip. Plan to give yourself ample time to figure out what’s really indispensable in your new environment.
The single extra “Top Tip” that most relocation counselors agree upon? It’s Number 6—to avoid falling into the trap of assuming that a simple Greenwich-to-Greenwich move doesn’t also take some degree of preparation. Above all, pack fragile items as carefully as if they were headed across the Connecticut border!

Moving does not have to be a crazy, frenzied event if you plan well in ahead and take deep breaths along the way.

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