Thursday, February 9, 2017

Moving Do's And Don'ts

Just Sold on 10 Barnstable-- A Picture Perfect Moving Program

Sold your house and in that 30-90 day window between accepted offer and closing when everything has to be packed and moving organized?  First things first.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes and recall the best, most positive moments from past moves. 
Okay, if there aren’t any of those, take a page out of the 14 moves that I have put my family through in our 31 years of marriage:  Two bad weeks and then it's behind you.  With all these moves and watching the approach to moving of many clients, I've learned a thing or two on preparation.  Here's the Do's and Don'ts:

Don’t procrastinate. The best movers can be booked up months in advance, especially if you think you’ll be moving near the end of the month. Research movers, within Greenwich and beyond.  Get on-site written estimates.
Don’t buy just one black marker. You WILL set it down somewhere and lose it as soon as the packing gets ferocious (which is when you most need to mark the cartons with where they’re going). 
…and my favorite:
Don’t move boxes you haven’t opened since your last move. If you haven't used it, give it away and take a tax deduction or sell it.  

Do start collecting cardboard boxes early. All sizes come in handy. There can’t be too many of the small boxes for fragile items: well bubble-wrapped, they’ll fit inside the larger ones.
Do use colored sticky notes: one color for items being moved, another for items being sold, another for items that will be given away, and another for items being thrown away,
Do take your time when it comes to unpacking. It is not a race!  And you may need the help of professionals-- either organizational specialists or decorators who know just where the furniture will look best.

Some people put off hunting for a new home because of the dreaded packing and moving that goes along with a change of digs. But if your family’s lifestyle has outgrown your current residence in Greenwich-- or anywhere for that matter, most of the trauma of moving can be avoided by a little pre-move organization. 

Yesterday, clients of mine closed on their property in the Burning Tree section of Greenwich.  It wasn't an easy pack up-- three buildings on the property and 21 years of residency.  Their moving process started the day after the contingencies were lifted.  We worked closely, sharing resources and planning out the process from A to Z.  And it paid off.  The closing went off without a hitch; the home was left in beautiful condition.

My background in renovations and interior decorating has yielded many trials, errors and learning in the most efficient and effective way to tackle moving-- a key part of the selling and moving process.  It's a part that I am very familiar with-- my family would say TOO familiar.  I'd be happy share what I've learned that has worked, and hasn't.

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