Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter Weather Means Opportunity Knocks for Greenwich Real Estate

Greenwich saw it's first snowfall of 2017 on January 2nd and I managed to suffer a major car accident as a result of a driver texting and driving behind me AND get three bids placed on properties during the storm on that day.  Showing a home in bad weather might seem to be a blueprint for disappointment, but sometimes that’s not what happens, as my January 2nd experience proves. 

Now, it’s true that when you stick the word “bad” in front of anything, you can bet it will stifle enthusiasm. If you’re trying to promote something, it’s hardly the go-to adjective. “Let’s try out that new Chinese restaurant—I hear it’s bad” isn’t a quorum-builder. That’s why “let’s schedule some serious house hunting; it looks like the weather will be really bad,” isn’t likely to spur a lot of enthusiasm—even if a deadline looms and people need to find a house.

When the wind is howling, and Mother Nature lets loose with one of the many ways she has of transforming water into a treacherous adversary, any showings that aren’t canceled can become unique opportunities for both the hunters and homeowners. 

For the house hunters, there’s a chance to see how impressively the property holds up in less than ideal conditions. In that sense, it’s an opportunity to go “backstage” to experience how solidly built the place comes across in the midst of a storm. That experience can’t be duplicated on a mild spring day—and it can result in a valuable insight, no matter what the verdict. 

For the seller whose property stands up well to the challenge, this is an opportunity to demonstrate that convincingly. Remember how great it is to feel the warmth and comfort of home as you curl up on the couch with a good book? Anything a seller can do to amplify that kind of welcoming feeling—from lighting a crackling fireplace to setting out cups of hot cocoa—can make it that much easier for visitors to see themselves as the safe and secure owners of the property.  

House hunting in Greenwich—which is often a truly pleasurable outing in spring, summer, or fall—takes on a different aura this time of year. But even when the weather behaves the way it has been recently, don’t think that Greenwich house hunting expeditions are out of the question until spring arrives. They are happening—and winter sales are the frequent result.  

If you are a buyer, bundle up and hit the housing trail while everyone else is indoor playing Scrabble.  And if you are a seller, be sure you are salted and sanded and ready with fires going.

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