Sunday, March 27, 2016

Greenwich Landmark Honorees Revealed

On April 17th at 4 p.m. at Greenwich Country Club, five new honorees will be invited to join the list of 289 homes and structures that have been awarded this designation by Greenwich Historical Society's Landmark Recognition Program.  What promises to be a delightful event as each home is presented to the public with the exquisite photography by renowned architectural photographer Michael Biondo, the afternoon will be punctuated with a talk by Frank J. Prial of Beyer, Blinder Belle Architects, lead architect for the restoration of Grand Central Station all speak about this project.

Why is preserving the past important?  Imagine any industry where you couldn't go backwards-- fashion, technology, automotive.. you name it.  Drawing upon the past to influence the future, or just acknowledging it to see what worked and didn't work, is invaluable.  Not to mention enriches our knowledge base, provides context and makes for a more interesting world.

In residential architecture, balancing history with functionality is an art and a lesson in patience.  But before you think about bringing in the wrecking ball, take a pause and a second look.

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