Monday, October 19, 2015

The Meaning of Home

Besides your workspace, home is probably the place you spend most of your time.  When you hear the word, "home", what are the first six words that come to your mind?  Those are the words that you should have at the top of your mind when you go house shopping.

When folks come to one of my listings, it is interesting to see how they approach trying the house on for fit.  Some folks walk through with a mental checklist of the things they need for they family and daily life.   That's the practical approach and it is indeed, important.

There are others that have an immediate "love it" or "hate it" reaction.  A side story on this:  A seller last week couldn't get over the fact that the buyers who came to see his house left within five minutes.   The seller chalked this showing up to a poor job by the buyers' agent in qualifying them for his house.  I can't disagree with his point that with the 27 photos of his home on all the real estate websites and MLS listing, there shouldn't have been any big surprise  that would cause the buyers to turn around almost at the get go.

What a house has that causes you to fall in love with it, is highly personal and sometimes difficult to put into words.  In Greenwich, we have homes as old as the early 1700s and as new as having received their Certificate of Occupancy last week.  Only you will know the right home for you.

Buying a home that both fits your family's needs and makes your heart sing when you walk in the door is a double blessing.  Take your time and know what is and isn't important in the decision.

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