Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey: Color Forecasting for 2015

Gone are the days when you could simply call your real estate agent to list your home and have it be as simple as a tour with them to review how lights and the alarm system worked. As one client getting ready to list their home said to us this week while knee deep decluttering 20 years of home life and considering quite a robust proposal from a stager that includes painting out rooms and staging 13 of them, "This is more than we ever thought about!" It can certainly be overwhelming.

But here's the rub: If you are trying to attract buyers who are young families and particularly young families living or influenced by sophisticated city life such as Manhattan, you need to have them open the door to your home with a sensibility that resonates with them.

Creating a feeling often starts with the color palette. So what colors are going to be popular in home design in 2015? In the past year, we have seen a preponderance of white, ivory, and grey--- all shades. This color combination was established by the the big furniture vendors--Restoration Hardware and their linen look, Mitchell Gold and their white and grey showrooms, Johnathan Adler with his white pottery... the list goes on and on.

Like many things, color trends in interior design tend to cycle. Our review of 2015 trends shows that the neutrals will still be a mainstay but color will make a return. And not just any color. Bold colors, including pinks and purples as seen in the new fabrics of China Seas and bedding of Matouk (carried at Lynnens in Greenwich) will be popular along with Mediterranean blues that are reminiscent of the church tops in Santorini.  Miles Redd, (a longtime favorite of mine) is always one to watch, and is working in palettes of the 1960s colors.  Alessandra Branca, believes that colors inspired by the Renaissance will return.

Speaking of color shades, and specifically, Fifty Shades of Grey--the long anticipated movie is now playing at the Greenwich Bow Tie Cinema.  On Valentine's Day, you can see it as early as 10:45 a.m. or catch the last show at 9:45 p.m.


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