Thursday, November 27, 2014

#100 Happy Days : Take Two

It's Thanksgiving and seems like a good day to try that 100 Happy Days challenge again,but with a twist.  Looking to find one thing of beauty, kindness, happiness, or anything of meaning and value for 100 straight days.  I can't imagine if we keep our eyes peeled on this challenge, that it won't change us just a wee bit.

So.. today's #100 Happy Days:  It's morning and most folks are asleep.  There's a light rain but it's warm and sunny.  These two gentlemen, which I'm sorry I didn't capture with better lighting, were cheerfully raking grass and fussing with the grounds.  An earnest "Good Morning" was called out.  No distraction with cell phones or rushing about.  A moment of peace and true goodwill.  So nice to slip away from Greenwich for a bit and the faster pace there.

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